Simply Headshots

 Good headshots are not about the photographer’s ego. They are all about you and only you. They’re about your look, acting range and they have to look like the real you, well, you on a good day.

That’s why I do things a little differently. Just imagine a session that’s relaxed and friendly, where you won’t feel rushed or pressured. Instead, unwind and enjoy the creative process with a cup of fresh coffee.

This way you can focus on your performance. I don’t try to force my ideas, we are on the same side of the fence. It’s that simple.

What is included in the package:

  • 2-3 hour session in my studio (London), when I shoot 300+ images
  • 5 retouched images in colour and black and white,
  • photos uploaded and ready for your selection next day,
  • 72 hours turnaround – after receiving your selection,
  • unlimited changes of clothes,
  • unlimited licensing, you can use your photos anywhere you’d like even on social media, 

All that for: £220 / £160 for students


To book please fill in the contact form below, if you prefer you can always call me on:
+44 (0) 7482 316 505

Before Booking Please Note:

By booking a photographic session with Krula Photography you agree to the use of your photographs on any promotional material generated for the promotion of my services including but not limited to use on Krula’s social media platforms.