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Callum Mcgowan – Revisited

I don't stalk my models, but from time to time I like to go through my old photos and see what people I used to work with are up to now. Don't judge me, we all…

Katrina Grey- Actress, Director, Producer, Pure Talent

Who is Katrina Grey? A director, an actress, a writer, a producer? Well, she is all of the above, but the more natural way to describe her is - pure talent. As…

Diana Bermudez – Indigenous & Proud

Ever since I read the Teachings of Don Juan I became fascinated by Native American culture; their mysticism and beliefs. Later, I discovered how advanced their…

David Schaefer- Headshots & Interview

Meeting David was an overwhelming experience, to say the least. His background, just like mine, is in fashion where he has worked with some of the biggest…




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