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Caridad is one of the most interesting and talented actresses that I had a pleasure working with. She worked alongside the best directors in the industry. She also agreed to answer a few of the questions that I prepared for her.Now without further ado, here is Caridad Angus in one on one interview:

How did you get into acting?

Total accident...I’d always enjoyed acting at school but didn’t realise it was something you could do as a job (my school was pretty academic). I then did a performing arts course-but took singing, after that I did an open casting and after that got details for my first commercial.

When did you start your acting career?

My first paid acting job was for a Rover commercial...It was the 2nd casting I’d ever been to and was shot at night in Soho. I remember being very nervous beforehand because the script involved kissing & some gender play, but things changed on the night and it ended up being fairly tame in the end. It was a really colourful & vibrant ad with some great iconic London’s very British & I’m so glad I got to be involved.

Who is your favourite director?

I’ve been really lucky in my day job to work with some of the world's best directors. JJ Abrams is amazing he has an incredible mind, you have to pay close attention just to keep up. I’d always enjoyed watching projects he has been involved in and when I got to work with him a few years ago I was so happy to find that not only is he a bit of a genius in terms of his directing & his technical knowledge, but he is also a lovely man with a great sense of humour.

What is your favourite movie and in few words why?

I can never pick one! I really like a film called “kiss kiss bang bang” it’s very funny but a little dark, very colourful with plot twists and relatable characters, you can re-watch it without getting bored because there’s so much going on. There’s also a fabulous film called “Freaks” which was made in 1932 that’s about a bunch of circus was actually banned for 30 years because it had a cast of people with various disabilities and I guess some people thought they were being taken advantage of. To me it actually encompasses what I love about film: there is a place for everyone. It’s a really interesting piece of cinema history & shows people of disability doing a great job that really couldn’t have been done by anyone else at the’s very charming and definitely worth a watch.

What would be your dream role as an actress?

Something filmed on a hot sunny beach with beautiful clear waters for at least 3 weeks...that’s everyone’s dream role, right?

What’s your biggest dream, doesn’t have to do anything with acting?

I really just want to enjoy myself and not worry about paying the bills.

What do you think makes a good portrait?

As well as lighting (so important) I think you can see when a photographer has been interacting with their subject-it’s much more interesting. Everyone brings out something different so it’s important to keep up to date and vary photographers, you can never have too many photos.

Any advice that you’d give to starting actors?

Be nice to everyone...the industry is very small and it doesn’t take much to get a bad reputation. People talk.

Do you have any hobbies outside of acting if yes what are they?

I like to make things...sometimes that’s craft, sometimes food, sometimes skincare, as long as I am making something I can usually find some sense of well-being. I also like to sing... I used to sing a lot more & even appeared on Top of the Pops once!

Is there anything about you that someone would never suspect you of, what is it?

I’m actually pretty shy & don’t like to be the centre of attention...Surprise!

Who is your agent?


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