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Richard is one of the kindest, warmest and polite person I ever known but also a very professional, amazingly talented actor and working with him was a real pleasure. Did I mention he is handsome as well? It's striking how humble he is at the same time. He told me a story about his grandmother, who starred for the first time in a movie when she was 100 years old. How amazing is that?It proves it's never too late to start new things.Here is my interview with amazing Richard

How did you get into acting?

They were looking for someone at school who had the look and feel of Luke Skywalker for a school play. My English teacher asked if I’d be interested, the rest is history!

Who is your favourite director?

Difficult one. There are so many to choose from, though I do think Steven Spielberg has created a number of classics, including the haunting Schindler’s List.

What is your favourite movie?

For fun and fantasy, Star Wars. For making a statement, see my previous answer regarding Steven Spielberg.

What do you think makes a good portrait?

The subject needs to be relaxed, engaged and be willing to let go. A good photographer can then work their magic.

What would be your dream role as an actor?

A part in the Star Wars franchise, please. Or the Doctor!

Do you have a favourite photographer, if yes who is it?

It would be hard to choose an individual. I’ve worked with many, including your good self, and they all bring their own unique talent to the table. In terms of publicly known photographers, I’m probably not well versed enough to comment.

What’s your biggest dream, doesn’t have to do anything with acting?

I also write, so to have one of my scripts taken up by one of the major studios would be fantastic.

Any advice that you’d give to starting actors?

Never let anyone tell you, you’re not good enough, because you are. And don’t forget to listen, really listen. And I don’t just mean for your cue line.

Is there anything you would change about your career?

In hindsight maybe I should have invested in my training earlier on. But I’ve always followed the opportunities presented to me throughout life, and it’s worked out pretty well so far. No regrets to be honest.

What was your friend's / family’s reaction when they’ve seen you for the first time on the screen?

Different people react in different ways. Some have said it doesn’t feel like they’re watching me up there, others find the whole experience a bit bizarre, watching someone you know on screen isn’t something people do on a regular basis!

What was your favourite role?

Sergeant Archibald Jones in World War I feature film ‘Eleven’.

Do you have any hobbies outside of acting if yes what are they?

Sure. I’m a keen artist and worked in graphic design for a time. As I said, I also write when time allows. I currently have two feature film scripts in development, so here’s hoping they grow wings and take flight!

Is there anything about you that someone would never suspect you of, what is it?

Hmm, maybe the fact I had a children’s book published a few years back. It was an exciting time as I got to do book signings in UK bookshops and visit schools to carry out author readings.

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment outside of acting?

I try to spread a little happiness wherever I go. There’s enough hardship in the world without creating more. My mantra is to be kind, always. I won’t say I succeed 100% of the time but I do try to make a difference.

Who would you like to star alongside of?

I have a major talent crush on the actor Nicola Walker. She really deserves to be a dame of the future. I absolutely believe everything she says and does on screen, and ultimately, that is the actor’s job. I’m also a big fan of Leonardo Dicaprio’s work and think his Hollywood star status means his acting talent can sometimes get overlooked. Again, very truthful in all the roles I’ve seen him in.

Richard’s Agent: Union Management

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