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While messaging prior to our photoshoot with Karlos, I expected this to be a funny headshot session. He is not only funny and warm person but also a very professional actor and working with him was a real pleasure. His advice about the direction I should take my interviews helped me with shaping the way I talk to actors. It’s amazing how willing people are to help if you aren't afraid to ask.Here is my interview with Karlos:

How did you get into acting?

Since I was very small I knew I wanted to be an artist. I come from a family where art and music are important. They instilled in me the importance of the arts for personal development. My mother wanted me to be a doctor, but when I told her that I wanted to study drama, she supported me from the first moment.

Who is your agent?

I have two Ana López in Spain and Dee Boss Talent in UK.

How is it different for you as a foreign actor to work in the UK?

Acting in a language that is not yours is quite difficult. it is not speaking is more the difficulty of transmitting emotions in a language that is not yours. I speak 4 languages and in each one, the way of saying things is totally different. In Spanish or in Italian we express ourselves not only with the voice, we use the hands, the body in general, the tone is different. In English, everything is more restrained. That has to be learned and mastered so that the interpretation is credible.

Why did you choose UK to work?

In recent years I have been able to participate in international projects, American, European, Asian. Many of those projects go through London in the casting phase. I think London is a springboard for actors who want to project their career internationally. It is also two hours from almost anywhere in Europe and has a very stable film industry and open to working with foreign actors. There is an opportunity for everyone. Hopefully Brexit will not harm this industry.

Any advice that you’d give to starting actors?

First, learn other careers. Acting is a hard and unstable profession. This makes you lose confidence and we are not able to stay on the road. You have to be patient and not seek fame or glory. I believe that nowadays fame is to be able to pay the bills for this work. trust, study, prepare and take risks. Understand that there are no small parts. It all adds up. Knowing where we are at each moment and understanding that this profession is a team effort ... everyone in a production is as important as yourself.

What do you think makes a good portrait?

A good photo is one that shows you as you are. You have to show the best and the worst of you but at the same time. It can not show a character. It has to be flat, plain, neutral, not too expressive so that a casting director can place you in different characters. They have to use their imagination to believe you are a pirate, a gangster or a client but by looking at your photo. Ah, never use much makeup in the case of female actors.

Karlos’ UK Agent: Dee Boss Talent Management

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